Some ways SMEs can adapt Post Coronavirus

June 25, 2020
Stores.IM Programme – Ushering in a New Paradigm
August 10, 2020

As the Coronavirus Pandemic crisis starts to ease, changes in how business is done have only just started . Some ways that SMEs can adapt are detailed below.

Use More Video marketing

With more customers staying inside, online corporate and marketing videos will become increasingly useful. With 3 out of every 4 video views now taking place outside of YouTube, it is more important than ever for organizations to set up their own video marketing campaigns.

Videos stand out on the Internet, giving a quick and easily understood overview of a product without being overwhelming. In less than thirty seconds, relevant information can be provided, through a short, visually appealing video.

Look at ways of replacing your footfall

Even as the lockdown is lifted, many customers are expected to avoid physically visiting stores as much as they can. As such, ways to increase footfall virtually should be looked at where possible

One such way could be using Instant Messaging (IM) for customers to contact shopping assistants in real time, and to provide customer support.

Another way could be using video tours to walk customers around stores, with customers being able to pause the videos to see items of interest, and with shortcuts to aisle categories. Products ordered could then be delivered. This might help to simulate the process of visiting the store, which could work well for customers less accustomed to online shopping, particularly elderly customers

Look at Alternative Methods of Delivery

Home deliveries have now increased by more than 100%. It is vital for SMEs to offer home delivery, and make delivery as fast and efficient as possible by looking at Alternative methods of delivery to enhance existing delivery arrangements

Digitize Your B2C

Where applicable, SMEs should look to move as much as possible of their their products and services online.

Digitize Your B2B

Many SMEs have found that video calls and conferences are just as effective as a face-to-face meeting. The use of Blockchain to enhance Supply Chains is also beginning to be a big help to many SMEs

Adapt Fast

The Coronavirus Pandemic means that the way business is done will never be the same again. However, it has thrown up new opportunities. Those who adapt fast and digitize their business, will be able to take advantage of these new opportunities


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