June 25, 2020
June 25, 2020

The sister company of SMEs.News is establishing Blockchains.Training that will be embedded in a wide range of Regional and Industry Trade Networks.

Blockchains.Training will feature Technical and Non Techical Blockchains Training as detailed below that will be very useful to SMEs

  1. Non Techical Blockchains Online Training Workshops

workshops will be modular  with modules as below. Participants will be able to take only the modules they require

Module 1  –  Introduction & Background to Blockchains

Module 2  –  Non-Technical Technology Overview (How does it work?)

Module 3  –  Benefits of Blockchain

Module 4  –  How the Blockchain is revolutionizing Trade and Supply Chains

Module 5  –   The Use of Blockchain in  Procurement

Module 6  –  The Use of Blockchains For Trade Finance

Module 7  –  Blockchain Enabled Co-Buying Programmes

Module 8  –  Implementation (How do I get started?)


  1. Technical Live, instructor-led Instructive Blockchain Training


Live, instructor-led Blockchainonline  training, will provide content, instruction, and exercises to ensure quality professional development

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