Stores.IM Programme – Ushering in a New Paradigm

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August 7, 2020
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August 26, 2020

The Coronavirus Pandemic has led to a boom in e-Commerce. This has led to a huge rise in demand for online assistance. 

Many answers to the questions can’t be found in a FAQ on the website. Trying to train a large group of call centre call handlers to accurately deal with these huge increases in queries in a rapidly changing environment, stretches the current contact centre model beyond its limits.

Furthermore, Post coronavirus, Sales and services practices will change, possibly forever. Adapting to these changes will pose challenges for organizations, especially SMEs.

Tools provided by the Stores.IM programme can help address these challenges. IM can also stand for Instant Messaging. IM tools at Stores.IM can help address challenges detailed above.

Stores.IM will also be providing Conversational AI tools such as chatbots, virtual agents etc. Virtual assistants are projected to become core business tools in the post Covid era. In a recent survey, 97 percent of executives say their organization will deploy more AI tools in the next two years than they had prior to COVID-19.

Tools that will be provided in the Stores.IM programme include the following

– Embedding in a local sites network with over 2.6 million subscribers

– Automation of voice and chat virtual agents and with cloud-base interactive voice response

– Provision of Conversational AI functionality as a key resource

The Stores.IM programme will also provide the following:

– Next-generation customized contact centres “as a service”

– Tools to adopt messaging versus voice as a scalable, lower-cost service channel

– A new digital business model, in response to re-shaped marketing and behaviors

– Plugging into Trade Gateways as new ecosystems to help retailers reach manufacturers and wholesalers and vice versa

– Leverage the underlying Distribution Blockchain to help facilitate the impending Paradigm Shift in Supply Chain Operations.

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